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Contour of Two-Fisted Gun Monger with Knife Breath

Since the violence-drenched, action-soaked, gore-marinated trailer, there has been much debate about the details of Two-Fisted Gun Monger with Knife Breath. What does his costume look like? How many guns does he mong? How do the knives come out on his breath? Here is a clearer drawing of him.

For this image, Freddy Age Ten avoids the splashy colors and sticks to pure contour (returning to a favorite style of his from previous projects).

Two-Fisted Gun Monger with Knife Breath keeps the guns and the knives going at the same time, discharging projectiles into the air as rapidly as he can. Why? Because he is being menaced, always menaced, by his mysterious arch enemy:

That’s not some kite, that’s the Giant-Sized Terrestrial Flatworm! No wonder TFGMw/KB mongers guns and breathes out knives! His horrible enemy justifies all his rage and explosive violence!

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