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Deepening Your Faith in the Trinity (Harvest Christian Fellowship)

Here’s video of a talk I gave on the Trinity last week (Sunday Oct. 6) at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. It’s part of their educational series called “Deepening Your Faith,” in which I’m teaching on the Trinity (last week) and christology (next week). In the series, they’re paying special attention to heresies, and are using Justo & Catherine Gunsalus Gonzales’ little book, Heresy for Armchair Theologians. So there’s a little talk about the definition of heresies at the beginning, and some description of specific trinitarian heresies near the end, with lots of biblical and theological explaining in between.

It concludes with questions from the congregation. The running time is about two hours.  

Here’s a link to the Prezi that supports the talk (or click below on the image of it). I think you can follow the argument without the visuals, but they are helpful at several points and, I hope, at least visually engaging at all points.


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