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Flower Flower Flower Flower

It’s not exactly 36 Views of Mount Fuji, but this set of drawings by Phoebe Age Five does keep the viewer on the move. There is a dance between the human figure and the flowerpot that draws the viewer in. You realize that you are not just watching a person dance around a flower (which would be enough, wouldn’t it?), but that your own point of view is being manipulated by the artist whose prerogative it is to frame each composition. Your distance from the flower changes each time, and perhaps the implied camera is even shifting its spot in its floral orbit. You start off thinking there are two elements to consider –flower and figure– but you realize there are four: flower, figure, viewer, artist.

Never mind that Phoebe Age Five informs me that each image is a different person and a different flower. The dance of flower, figure, viewer, and artist is still there.
flowr times four 1

flowr times four 2 flowr times four 3 flowr times four 4
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