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Happy Vikings Go Exploring

vikings Vikings: “They’re cool,” says Freddy Age Seven warily, “but they’re not good.” These Vikings, though, are happy enough adventurers. Their tiny boat has a grin of its own as it rocks through the spiky waves. Rows of oars dip down into the sea and a strange, boxy, union-jacky flag structure surmounts the truncated mast. Loot, pillage, and burn, YAY! No wait, those aren’t oars… they’re tea bags! Let’s caffeinate the ocean and have a global spot of tea. Truly a kinder, gentler imperialism.

The viking in the back of the ship seems to have eyelashes, the Universal Cartoon Signifier of Femininity. On close inspection of the original art, however, I believe these lashes to be smeared marker ink. This drawing is made on construction paper with acid content so high it dissolves as you draw.

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