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God Keep Thee, Freddy, In the World

My Freddy, when I look on thee,
So pure, so guileless, and so gay,
With sunny smile and eye of blue,
Clear as the blushing dawn of day —
I think how lovely is the trust
Which God to man has largely given;
So beauteous is the fallen dust,
With yet within a spark from heaven.

And must the world’s seductive tread
Break such a holy calm as this?
Must ought surround thy peaceful bed
But dreams of purity and bliss?
Shall any sounds but peace and love
E’er hang upon that truthful tongue,
And where now broods the halcyon dove
Be bitter words and thoughts of wrong?

God keep thee, Freddy, in the world,
For thou some rugged steps must tread;
Thy Saviour’s banner wide unfurled,
What cause have we for doubt or dread?
The world is strong, but stronger He
To whom we now commit our charge;
May His good angels compass thee
With love immeasurably large.

–Anne Barnard Sturt (d. 1872)
Lines Written When Recovering From a Severe Illness and Watching My Little Grandchild, Freddy Meyer, Moving Softly About My Sick-Bed. December 19, 1856.

(From F. B. Meyer: Preacher, Teacher, Man of God by A. Chester Mann (New York: Fleming Revell, 1929), p. 27)

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