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Gospel-Driven, Rightly Dividing, and Buzzard

Three more reviews of The Deep Things of God in recent days that are worth pointing out:

Pastor Mark Lauterbach at GospelDrivenLife is starting a series of posts, blogging about the Trinity and the gospel in dialogue with the book. He calls my work “utterly unoriginal.” How dare he! Oh wait, that’s a compliment. Okay, I’ll take it. Deep Things has helped him tie up some loose ends in his mind, and he’ll be “thinking out loud” about “trinitarian good news” at the blog as a form of “accountable meditation.” Check out the intro and the first entry.

Nick Norelli at Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth provides a nice, long review exploring what’s unique about Deep Things, compared to the 100 other Trinity books on his shelf. Being a bit of a Trinity-hound, Nick’s in a good position to make this judgement, and he says that while he didn’t learn anything new about the Trinity in the book, he “learned quite a bit about evangelical theology and its robust Trinitarianism.” He’s also got a good eye for what he calls “Sandersian aphorisms,” to which I would only add that if you read his review you can get the Norellian take on the Sandersian aphorisms.

Pastor Justin Buzzard at Buzzard Blog gives a nice, brief recommendation of the book, especially identifying chapter 2, “Within the Happy Land of the Trinity,” as “a 35-page chapter that’s worth the price of the whole book.” He also guesses that readers will come away “less intimidated by the Trinity and more in awe of our Triune God, and be better able to articulate that awe.” Well, that is certainly my prayer as the book continues to find its audience.

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