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LATC17: Ten More Speakers

LATC17 screenshotThe 2017 Los Angeles Theology Conference (Jan 12-13 at Biola University), entitled “The Task of Dogmatics,” was already going to be a great conference: we have major presentations by Michael Allen, Henri Blocher, Katherine Sonderegger, Scott Swain, and Kevin Vanhoozer. This slate of plenary speakers, discerning readers have noted, is the editorial and advisory board of Zondervan’s New Studies in Dogmatics series.

But we also issued a call for papers, to which dozens of scholars responded, from among which we selected ten papers. These ten papers will be presented in parallel sessions between the plenary sessions.

Trust me, they’re good paper proposals. –No, wait, don’t trust me, see for yourself.  Here they are:

James Arcadi (Fuller Theological Seminary)
“The Word of God as Truthmaker for Church Proclamation: An Analytic Barthian Approach to the Dogmatic Task”

Eduardo Echeverria (Sacred Heart Major Seminary)
“The Essentialist versus Historicist Debate about the Truth Status of Dogmatic Formulations”

Douglas Harink (The King’s University)
“The Abiding Power of Romans for Dogmatics”

Joshua Malone (Moody Bible Institute -Spokane) and Brannon Ellis (Lexham Press)
“Divine Perfections and the Shape of Dogmatics”

Gavin Ortlund (Sierra Madre Congregational Church
“Why Should Protestants Retrieve Patristic and Medieval Theology?”

Chelle Stearns (The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology)
“Post-Traumatic Theology: Evaluating Trauma as a Starting Point for Dogmatics”

Darren Sumner (Fuller Seminary Northwest)
“Christocentrism and the Immanent Trinity: Identifying Theology’s Pattern and Norm”

Chris Tilling (St Mellitus College)
“‘Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Builds Up:’ The Apostle Paul and the Task of Dogmatics”

Maarten Wisse (VU University Amersterdam)
“Retrieving the Law and Gospel Distinction for the Task of Dogmatics”

Sameer Yadav (Westmont College)
“Doctrine and Ontological Commitment to a Narrative”

This promises to be an especially helpful and stimulating conference. I think this set of speakers can both examine and exemplify the state of the art in Christian dogmatics today.

It’s southern California in January. We pride ourselves on having a sane conference schedule with time for real conversation, and snacks in the exhibit hall where theology publishers are all set up with book tables. Registration opens first thing in September.

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