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Newman, Benedict, and Torrey

Over at the blog of the American Society of Church History, Torrey’s Dr. Greg Peters reflects on some lesser-known writings of John Henry Newman. Newman’s most famous book about learning was his Idea of a University, but he also explored the ideals of Benedictine monasticism as a model for meaningful education.

Peters reports on some of the key commitments in Newman’s program, and by the time he’s done describing it, it sounds curiously well aligned with a certain undergraduate honors program in La Mirada where Dr. Peters happens to work. As Peters notes, “Like its predecessors Benedict of Nursia and John Henry Newman, the Torrey Honors Institute honors the Holy Scriptures as it strives to create whole persons with whole souls pursuing truth, goodness and beauty. It too, like Benedict’s monasteries, strives to be a school for the Lord’s service and I am happy to be involved in such an important task.”

Click on through and read the whole thing here.


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