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Oneness Pentecostalism Article in Spanish

oneness pentecostalism spanish bannerIn 2006 I wrote an analysis of the movement known as Oneness Pentecostalism (sometimes called Apostolic or Jesus-Only), a form of non-Trinitarian teaching about Jesus. I wrote that article, and made it freely available on the web, because I consider Oneness teaching to be a serious error which I would like to protect the churches from. You can get the original article either here (blog post form) or here (pdf).

For a long time now, I’ve known that Oneness teaching is spreading in some Latin American and Asian contexts, and have wished that I could do something to get orthodox teaching resources to people ministering in languages besides English, the only language I can write in.

Well, last month the Oneness article was translated into Spanish by Kathleen Jimeno and Jonathan Boyd, and has recently been posted online in four parts at Jacobis Aldana’s blog, El Evangelio Y Nada Más. These brothers and sisters are ministering in Santa Marta, Colombia, and I am thrilled to have my work available in Spanish thanks to their hard work.

You can read and link the series online at Jacobis’ blog here, or save it in pdf form by clicking here.

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