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Polanus, Axioms 12 and 13 on the Trinity

These two axioms are very short, and fairly straightforward: Polanus wants to clarify that while the persons are distinguished by relations, this does not introduce composition in any way: the persons are not composed by relations, nor is God composed by relations.

Constitution good; composition bad.

Polanus also clarifies that the three persons of the Trinity are not three people, and especially that they are not separate from each other.

So, a couple of negative notes introduced here, to ward off a couple of possible misunderstandings.

Here are the axioms:

Axiom 12. Relations which are proper to the persons do not compose but only distinguish.

Axiom 13. The divine persons are distinct, but not separated like three men are separated in actual reality, even though they are one in species.

And our conversation:

Show notes: Not much to share for this episode; we are gearing up for Axiom 14, next!

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