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Polanus: Reformed Scholastic Piety and Commentary

Having worked through Amandus Polanus’ axiomata on the Trinity, Ryan Hurd and I invited a guest, Dr. Ryan McGraw, to talk with us about his own encounters with the writings of Polanus. This conversation covers a few topic: First, we wanted to recommend Dr. McGraw’s 2019 book Reformed Scholasticism: Recovering the Tools of Reformed Theology, and hear him talk a little bit about why this set of early modern authors can be so helpful for the theological and pastoral task today. McGraw’s book is a great introduction to the tools and tasks of working with them. Second, we wanted to hear from him about Polanus’ work as a commentator on the Old Testament, because McGraw has given special attention to Polanus’ book on Malachi. And third, we wanted to talk about the doctrine of God itself. Polanus is a good example of the kind of Reformed Scholasticicism that is always in service to piety. McGraw helpfully draws out how Polanus works with the archetypal/ectypal distinction (a traditional distinction by Polanus’ time) to practice theology as “the doctrine of living to God, in Christ, by the Spirit.”

Here’s the conversation:

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