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Sanctify Christ in Your Hearts (Sermon)

Sanders preahcing with crucifixion of Peter imageHere is video of a sermon I preached a few days ago at my home church, Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada.

It’s got all the usual stuff in it: medieval images, cartoon word balloons, Conan the Barbarian quotes, WWII stories, a Star Wars reference, quotes from 17th c. bishop Robert Leighton, tips on how to defeat anti-trinitarians in argument, a venn diagram, and a story about the worst answer I ever gave on a pop quiz. You know, preaching.

The main thing it’s got in it, though, is what I have learned from 1 Peter 3:13-17, especially the phrase “sanctify Christ as Lord.” This remarkable command summons us to fear Christ so completely that we have no room for what is called “fear of man.”

This command is the key to why Peter can say that we are blessed even if we suffer for righteousness’ sake. It’s also the necessary condition for being ready to answer those who ask us about our hope.

Sanctify Christ In Your Hearts from Grace EV Free on Vimeo.

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