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Scriptorium Daily Classics: Celebrating our Ten Year Anniversary

Scriptorium Daily is officially ten years old….and we want to throw a party.

A decade ago, “blogs” were a new medium that (we were told) was going to revolutionize the news industry by enabling anyone with expertise to broadcast their opinion.  The effects of the new mode of communication are still unwinding, of course, and what the future holds for platforms like this one is anyone’s guess.

But over the past decade, we at the Torrey Honors Institute have attempted to provide thoughtful, informative, and occasionally amusing accounts of the world.  While some of our main contributors have since moved on to other places, and we’ve added new figures along the way, through everything we have sought to build an online form for a biblically rooted, classically informed, and evangelically committed outlook.

To celebrate our ten year anniversary, we’re will be republishing ten of the most popular posts in our history each day for ten days…starting today.  If you have been around a while, you may recognize some of the posts.  If you are just joining us, they will give you a good starting place for the sort of work that you can expect from us.

Thank you for allowing us to help educate and sometimes entertain you for the past ten years.  We are grateful for all of our readers and look forward to many more years of work.

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