Essay / Avant-Garde

Star Wars Halloween Dance Party!!!

What are you dressing as, and what dance are you doing?

Astromech Droid Artoo Unit Waltz
(Bleep Blaap Blooop Danube)

Ewok Sabre Dance
(but Ewoks don’t have sabres, so here’s a spear)

Begin the Boba Beguine
(or is it the Jango Jig?)

Poppin and Lockin Protocol Droid
(fluent in over six million forms of electric boogaloo)

Disco Jawa
(ah – ah – ah- ah – stealing’ your droid, stealin’ your droid)

Two to Tango

Jedi Drum Master
(“Leading the big parade these six and seventy trombones are.”)

Macarena Attack Droids
(Los del Middle One’s Head Asplode)

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