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The Triune God at ETS 2016

triune-god-book-coverMy book The Triune God (part of Zondervan’s New Studies in Dogmatics series) has an official release date of Dec 6, which is a few weeks after the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in mid-November.

But here’s good news: Zondervan will have copies of The Triune God for sale at the conference. This is pretty remarkable, considering that it’s prior to the release date, and considering how badly I bent the deadlines on my longsuffering editors (thanks, Katya, Mike, Scott, Dirk, and anybody else who picked up the slack I left).

Not only that, but Zondervan is featuring the book at a special deep discount for conference attenders only: $10 for the book. That’s a nice price right there (also applies at AAR/SBL). Sorry it can’t be extended to non-attenders, but the pre-order price at Amazon is also pretty good right now.


There’s also going to be a response session on Thursday Nov 17 at 1pm. The Reformed Theology Group (which has for some time been an ETS hot spot for all kinds of theology, not just theology about Reformed particulars) will be hosting prepared responses to the book from Wesley Hill, Stephen Holmes, Tom McCall, and Paul Nimmo. Even if they weren’t focusing on my book, I’d definitely be attending any gathering that featured these four talking about the Trinity. Kelly Kapic will moderate.

Finally, while not directly related to the release of the book, I’ll be speaking on the Trinity at the first plenary session on Tues Nov 15 at 5:25 pm. The title of my talk is “Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological Disciplines.” I planned this paper during the time I was working on the book, so the two do have a lot in common.

Many other Trinity exploits, shenanigans, and endeavors will be happening in San Antonio this November!

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