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The Triune God: Book Release Today

triune-god-cover-and-spineToday is the official release date of my book, The Triune God, in Zondervan’s ambitious New Studies in Dogmatics series edited by Allen and Swain.

Its cover has a nice, minty green color that will look good under your favorite theologian’s Christmas tree. Put a little red bow on it and you’ve got a party. Amazon promises delivery by Christmas. Kindle edition is ready to go as well.

As long as it’s book release day and I’m just flat-out saying “hey everybody check out my book,” here are some fun facts related to its publication:

*Amazon lists it today as the #1 new release in Christian Pneumatology, which is pretty impressive considering it’s not about Christian Pneumatology.

*The endorsements page says, “PRAISE FOR THE TRIUNE GOD,” which is pretty gratifying with the italics, but downright edifying without them.

*My publicist’s name is Trinity.

*Katya Covrett did not have to murder me to get me to hand over the manuscript. It was touch and go there for a little bit, but I live to write another day.

*Stay tuned for information about a video course based on the book.

I’ll be posting some of the key ideas from the book here at this blog in coming weeks. Zondervan recently posted an excerpt about how Trinitarian theology is related to praise here; that really sets the tone for what I’m doing in this book.

So later on I’ll say some more about the contents; for now here’s a peek at the table of contents:









I think that if you publish a book, you ought to promote the book and help get the word out about it. If you didn’t want people to know about it, you should have kept it to yourself in the first place; publishing is, after all, going public.

On the other hand, when an author publicizes his own work, it’s very easy to slide over into self-promotion, boasting, and chasing after attention and approval.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying to do the former and not the latter. My aim is to glorify the Triune God, not The Triune God or its author.


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