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Today is R. A. Torrey’s Birthday (1856)

Torrey face color 1 R.A. Torrey was a big deal about 100 years ago, and he still is. Though he was already world-famous when he came to us, he was the first academic dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, and once wrote that he had given this school “twelve of the best years of his life” (1912-1924). You can read all about Torrey’s life and times elsewhere on this website.

We’re so fond of Torrey that we not only named an Honors Institute after him, but have had him as part of our blogging line-up here at Scriptorium Daily. Check out his profile page, with links to the series of posts he has made here. Dr. Torrey has answered questions in his blog posts; mostly by recycling things that have never been reprinted since they first appeared about a century ago in The King’s Business. Dr. Torrey’s views are his own, of course, and we don’t dare edit them for a modern audience.

Dr. Torrey is currently tearing things up on Twitter, a medium which works well with his pithy preaching style. Follow him @RATorrey.

Dr. Torrey is also on Facebook, and while I wouldn’t advise poking him, he is open to friend invitations.
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