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What Trinitarian Theology is For (LATC 2014 Lecture)

Sanders lecture LATC 2014 longslice

At the 2014 Los Angeles Theology Conference, I presented a paper that gave an overview of the work that the doctrine of the Trinity does in systematic theology. It was the first plenary session of this conference called Advancing Trinitarian Theology, and my task was to kick things off for the many fine papers and discussions that would follow in the next two days.

Advancing Trinitarian Theology coverThe video of that talk is now available (see below). Actually, all five plenaries can now be viewed at the “Past Years” section of the LATC website:  Steve Holmes, Karen Kilby, Tom McCall, and Lewis Ayres lectures are events not to be missed!  And printed versions of each of them, along with some of the parallel session papers, will appear by November in the Zondervan volume Advancing Trinitarian Theology: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics.

This 90-minute video has some nice extra features that won’t appear in the printed version: an opening invocation by Fuller Seminary president Mark Labberton, an introduction by Oliver Crisp (during peak beard season), color illustrations nicely edited inline, and a question period featuring Lewis Ayres and Stan Gundry among others.

Here’s the video. Don’t forget to check out the other videos at, and of course please remember that this January Biola will be hosting LATC 2015, on the doctrine of the atonement. Register at the website if you want to be notified about the call for papers, registration, and so on.


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