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T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement

This week, I submitted the manuscript for the T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement, an edited work with 18 major chapters and 85 shorter essays from scholars around the world, exploring the doctrine of the atonement from a variety of angles. The various essays explore the atonement in its relationship to different doctrines (e.g. atonement and resurrection, or atonement and ecclesiology), a range of topics (e.g. violence, culture and imagination), the thought of different figures (e.g. Irenaeus, Augustine and Luther), and different major portions of Scripture (e.g. the Pentateuch, Wisdom literature, and Gospels). The goal of the book is to equip the reader for further research in the area, by providing them with the key categories, resources, distinctions, etc. Below is the Table of Contents, to whet your appetite.

Contributors to the Companion



Major Eighteen Chapters (Title followed by the author)

“Atonement: The State of the Doctrine” by Adam Johnson

“These Three Atone: The Atonement and the Doctrine of the Trinity” by Fred Sanders

“Resurrection and Atonement in the Theology of Thomas F. Torrance: Reflections on Why Christ’s Bodily Resurrection is Necessary for a Proper View of Atonement” by Paul Molnar

“The Holy Spirit and the Atonement: On Rightly Relating the Subjective and the Objective Dimensions of Reconciliation” by Christopher Holmes

“Theologies of the Atonement in the New Testament” by Joel Green

“Athanasius: A Trinitarian Soteriology” by Thomas Weinandy

“The Atonement in St. Gregory of Nyssa” by John McGuckin

“Human Nature Exalted: Anselm’s Doctrine of Atonement” by Kate Sonderegger

“Love and the Atonement in Aquinas’s Pauline Commentaries” by Chaid Raith II

“Against Theory: Calvin on the Atonement” by Paul D. Jones

“Barth on the Atonement: His Development on the Mercy and Righteousness of God” by Shannon Smythe

“Christ’s Descent Into Hell: Holy Saturday in Recent Theology” by Rodney Howsare

“The Persistence of the Ransom Theory of the Atonement” by Adam Kotsko

“The Punishment that Brings Peace? An Examination of the Controversial Idea of Penal Substitution” by Stephen Holmes

“Models and Metaphors in Current Discussion of the Atonement: An Analytic Contribution” by Oliver Crisp

“Crucified – So What? Feminist Re-readings of the Cross-Event” by Arnfríður Guðmundsdóttir

Essays (Topic followed by the author)

1st, 2nd and 3rd John by Matthew Jensen

Peter Abelard by Adam Johnson

Angels by Adam Johnson

Apostolic Fathers by Harry Maier

Ascension by Andrew Burgess

Augustine by David Meconi

Gustaf Aulén by Roland Spjuth

Baptism by Travis McMaken

Bernard of Clairvaux by Tony Lane

Blood by Eugene Rogers

Bonaventure by Andrew Salzmann

Bultmann by David Congdon

John Campbell by Peter Stevenson

Catherine of Siena by Adam Eitel

Covenant by Jeremy Treat

Thomas Cranmer by Scott Harrower

Animals by David Clough

Creeds by Ash Cocksworth

Culture by Paul Metzger

Cyril of Alexandria by Donald Fairbairn

Ecclesiology by Joseph Mangina

Jonathan Edwards by Gary Williams

Eschatology by Graham Cole

Eucharist by Scott Harrower

Exemplarism by Adam Kotsko

Forgiveness by Cynthia Rigsby

P.T. Forsyth by Jason Goroncy

Rene Girard by Adam Johnson

Global Theology by Mark Baker

Gospel of John by Edward Klink

Hugo Grotius by Gert Van den Brink

Colin Gunton by Andrew Picard

Hebrews by David Moffitt

Hegel by Peter C. Hodgson

Historical Books by Richard Briggs

Ignatius of Antioch by Harry Maier

Imagination, the Arts and the Atonement by Trevor Hart

Imago Dei by Ryan Peterson

Impassibility by Daniel Castelo

Irenaeus by John Behr

James by Robert Wall

Justification by Allan Spence

Kant by Nathan Jacobs

Soren Kierkegaard by Murray Rae

Kingdom of God by Cynthia Rigby

Liberation Theology by Jules Martinex

Peter Lombard by Gill Evans

Luke and Acts by Howard Marshall

Martin Luther by Robert Kolb

Major Prophets by Mark Gignilliat

Matthew and Mark by Jonathan Pennington

Minor Prophets by Don Collett

Jürgen Moltmann by Matthias Grebe

Munus Triplex by Adam Johnson

John Owen by Kelly Kapic

Pannenberg by Kent Eilers

Pastoral Ministry by Andrew Root

Pauline Epistles by Tim Goombis

Pentateuch by Alexander Desmond

Petrine Epistles by David Nienhius

Political Theology by Peter Leithart

Prayer by Ash Cocksworth

Problem of Evil by Matthias Grebe

Propitiation by Tom Bennett

Reformed Scholastics by Brannon Ellis

Religious Pluralism by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

Representation by Jeanine Graham

Revelation by Joe Mangina

Ritschl by Matt Bruce

Santification by Ben Rhodes

Schleiermacher by Justin Stratis

Duns Scotus by Tom Ward

Sin by Adam Neder

Faustus Socinus by Alan Gomes

Hugh of St. Victor by Gill Evans

Supra and Infra Lapsarianism by Edwin Van Driel

Theological Interpretation of Scripture by Scott Swain

Union with Christ by Mark Garcia

Universalism by Tom Greggs

Divine Violence by Adam Johnson

John Wesley by Tom McCall

Wisdom Literature by Craig Bartholomew

Wrath by Jeremy Wynne

Divine Missions by Adonis Vidu

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