Essay / Philosophy

Boethius and Divine Simplicity

Perhaps you have heard of the term “divine simplicity.” The basic meaning is that God is one – he has no distinct or separate parts that can in any way be in conflict with each other. Often this doctrine is…

Essay / The Common Room

The Common Room: On 1 and 2 Samuel Theologians Dr. Joe Henderson and Dr. Adam Johnson discuss the books of 1 and 2 Samuel.  Moderated by Dr. Matt Jenson.


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Essay / Theology

Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-2014), Theological Outflanker

Wolfhart Pannenberg, retired from a long theology career at Munich, has died at age 85. Pannenberg was a major twentieth-century theologian by any count, with a series of brilliant articles, important books on the topics of revelation, christology, ethics, science,…

Essay / Theology

Amateurs Needed for the School of Translators

Last year, four professors from Torrey gave brief talks on some of our favorite 20th-century Christian thinkers (Chesterton, Sayers, Tolkien, Lewis). Videos of the talks are here; the whole thing was pretty obviously an excuse to collaborate with Chris Mitchell…

Essay / Theology

One of Those Critters

Here is a link to some footage of Bob Warren, who died last week, doing his thing: teaching. This is vintage Bob --although in one sense this footage is not characteristic of him, in that he doesn't have his Bible…

A Much-Needed Gap

Recently I read a witty novel written entirely in the form of letters of recommendation. It reminded me of some spoofs I've seen in various places, which I would describe a satires of the genre of recommendation letter. These things…

Essay / Literature

Recommended: Schumacher's Dear Committee Members

As the academic year rolls back around, I usually end up reading a late-summer silly novel. Nothing eases the pain of being a grown-up with a job quite like a dose of Wodehouse --though Alexander McCall Smith and Jack Handey…

Essay / Education

"The Intelligence Can Only be Led by Desire." (Simone Weil)

I love to argue with Simone Weil (1909-1943)'s essay "Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God." Then again, I love to argue with Simone Weil. Her writings always have something in…
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Essay / The Common Room

The Common Room: Why Does Hamlet Delay?

In one of this summer's Common Room sessions, Shakespearean expert Dr. Melissa Schubert discusses the question of Hamlet's hesitation with theologian Dr. Joe Henderson.  Moderated by Dr. Matt Jenson. Watch here.

Essay / Theology

Praying for You: A Summer Experiment

I love the mental and spiritual space that the academic summer can provide. Though, in some sense, I don’t have any less to do, having more unstructured time encourages me to experiment with different patterns of being. The summer feels…