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Weaving a Platonic Tapestry (Boersma pt. 3)

Part 3 of Greg Peters and Matt Jenson's discussion of Hans Boersma's recent project on the Nouvelle Théologie.  Peters:  As a sacramentalist in the Anglican tradition who finds more affinity with the (Neo-)Platonic heritage than the Aristotelian heritage, there is much…

Essay / Theology

"An Infinite Forest of Meanings" (Boersma pt. 2)

Today we continue our discussion of Hans Boersma’s Nouvelle Théologie and Sacramental Ontology: A Return to Mystery. Jenson:  I'd assume just about any thoughtful Christian would want to applaud a view of the world as the theatre of God's action.…


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Essay / Theology

What's so Nouvelle about the Nouvelle Théologie? (Boersma pt. 1)

Fred Sanders and Matt Jenson had a blast engaging with two books on the Trinity a while back, so Jenson and Greg Peters decided they'd have a conversation about a couple books by Hans Boersma, in which he seeks to rehabilitate a sacramental…

Essay / The Common Room

The Common Room: Aristotle on Human Flourishing

[embed][/embed] In this edition of The Common Room, Dr. Fred Sanders moderates a discussion with Dr. Janelle Aijian and Dr. Paul Spears on the philosophy behind Aristotle's notion of "human flourishing."

Essay / Theology

Doctrine or Problem: Wainwright on the Trinity in the New Testament

In 1962, Arthur W. Wainwright published The Trinity in the New Testament, a helpful one-volume treatment of a vast subject. Wipf & Stock keeps it in print, and no wonder: Wainwright handled the material so well that only a few pages…

Essay / Theology

Unlucky Argument for Pauline Authorship of Hebrews

E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913) was a quirky Bible teacher. I would caution anybody against a steady diet of his books, but as long as you're getting most of your nutrition elsewhere, a little dash of Bullinger can be a piquant spice.…

Essay / Literature

Hermeneutics with Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson gives some excellent advice in his Preface to Shakespeare (1765) that applies to reading in general, and especially well to Bible reading. Johnson advises readers to plow straight through a Shakespeare play, keeping up a good pace even…

Essay / Literature

Wordsworth in the West

William Wordsworth perfected a certain type of nature poetry, a particularly spiritual sort of nature lyric. He celebrated the movements of the infinite Spirit making itself known to humanity through the forms of nature as contemplated by poet-prophets who were…

Essay / Theology

"English Bible" did not mean "Dumbed Down"

Earlier this year I noted the premiere of a new journal, the Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies.  The second issue is out now, and among the essays published there I especially enjoyed the autobiographical piece by David Bauer entitled, "My…

Essay / Theology

Progress and Regress on the Trinity: The Book

Zondervan has published select proceedings of the 2014 Los Angeles Theology Conference in a volume bearing the same title as the conference: Advancing Trinitarian Theology, edited by Oliver Crisp and Fred Sanders. Slipping into advertising mode, I was going to…

Essay / Theology

Irrelevance & Relevance of the Trinity to the Christian Life

I was excited when Kyle Strobel and Kent Eilers invited me to write the Trinity chapter in their book Sanctified by Grace: A Theology of the Christian Life (Bloomsbury / T&T Clark, 2014), and I'm more excited now that the…