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Interior Life

The main point of Jean-Baptiste Chautard's Soul of the Apostolate is that if you want to live an active life of Christian service, you need to attend seriously to your spiritual formation and relationship with God. (He says it in…

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"Gospel of the Happy God" (Knibb)

In First Timothy 1:11, Paul speaks of "the gospel of the glory of the blessed God." There was a nineteenth-century pastor named William Knibb who paraphrased this passage as “the gospel of the happy God,” and, as Charles Spurgeon said in…


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Such a Thing as Conciliar Christology

In a couple of recent posts about Tim Pawl's In Defense of Conciliar Christology, I began with some reflections on why it might be meaningful to speak of a single Christology of the early church. I thought I should also…

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Coining the Term Christology

In an article in the Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie, T. Mahlmann claims that the first use of the word christology occurs in Friedrich Balduin's commentary on Paul's letters. When I ran across this reference in a footnote about something else, I…

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Defending the Idea of a Two-Natured Thing

The heart of Tim Pawl's In Defense of Conciliar Christology is his attempt to solve what has been called the fundamental challenge. He states the objection several ways, but the book's most elaborate statement of it is as follows: Anything…

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Conciliar Christology: The Very Idea!

There are several reasons why it might be both valuable and meaningful to speak of an identifiable, single Christology of the ecumenical councils of the ancient church. First let us consider why it might be valuable, and then why meaningful.…

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Soul of the Apostolate (Chautard)

Here's a little book I picked up a few years ago and have found helpful: The Soul of the Apostolate by the Trappist abbot Jean-Baptiste Chautard (1858-1935). I'm reading it as an evangelical Protestant and commending its virtues from that…

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And Then The Holy Spirit

I noted recently that Michael Horton worked out an elaborate systematic theology before turning to give sustained attention to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. I further noted that the relative lack of elaboration of pneumatology in his earlier works…

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Coordinates of Covenant and Eschatology, Even for Pneumatology (Horton)

What happens when an accomplished and prolific theologian, who has not previously given extensive attention to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, produces a substantive book on that doctrine? This was the situation when Michael Horton published Rediscovering the Holy…

Essay / Theology

"A Step Back Every Now and Again" for the Spirit

Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit is a carefully-wrought work which re-organizes much of the material we expect to find in a doctrine of the Holy Spirit. In it, Horton connects some things that are too often bifurcated while distinguishing…