Save Us, Sententious Johnson

One of the amazing things about Samuel Johnson’s writing style is his ability to reduce any idea to an aphorism, a fresh little proverb that arises perfectly from the situation in front of him but reaches up to the heaven of abstraction. Just about any

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Theology of La Grande Ligne (Boulanger and System)

What I love in theology is the big picture, the long lines of continuity. Whenever I read, I’m always looking for the unifying perspective that arises when a theologian finds an angle from which to behold the overarching unity that lets all the details settle

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The Prayer and the Cry (Luther on Psalm 102)

The first line of Psalm 102 asks God the same thing twice: “Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.” Or does it? Martin Luther, commenting on the psalm, takes the two requests as really distinct from each other: on the

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Online Course for The Triune God

If you’d like to take a class with me on the doctrine of the Trinity, you don’t have many options. I teach in a small program for undergrads only, and they get most of my teaching time. So my classroom presence is pretty limited to

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The Ideal in Pride and Prejudice (Common Room)

Check out this conversation on a Jane Austen novel: it’s a chat among two philosophers and an Old Testament prof, so it gets philosophical and theological (Aristotle and Proverbs are both invoked). But it’s also powerfully good reflection on a book that all three participants

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E.J. Pace’s Cartoons and Theology Graphics

The breaking news part of this post is that Biola library’s Christian Comics Collection, already the deepest archive of its kind, has recently acquired a large set of comics by cartoonist Ernest James Pace (1880-1946). This is important because Pace was an early pioneer of

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Carl Beckwith on The Holy Trinity

My review of Carl Beckwith‘s 2016 book The Holy Trinity just appeared in the July 2017 issue of The International Journal of Systematic Theology. It is a fantastic book, and I wanted to blog about it briefly to help spread the word to folks who may

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Thoughts While Reading Chalmers

The command to do good, and to be good, sounds very deep and powerful. It vibrates with all the seriousness of a divine voice of command. Whenever I see it turning the heads and hearts of young people, I regard it with a kind of

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Trinitarian Solutions to Problems of Mere Monotheism?

Sometimes the doctrine of the Trinity is presented as if it is the solution to the problems that would surface in mere (unipersonal) monotheism. A merely unipersonal deity, it is said, could not be love, and therefore only on the grounds of Trinitarian revelation could

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“Economic Form of Immanent X” (LOGOS Mobile Ed)

Last summer (pretty much exactly one year ago) there was a mostly-online discussion of the doctrine of the Trinity in evangelical circles. It was a fast-moving, multi-platform scuffle on many fronts. There was a lot of heat, and also a lot of light, and several

Frederick Manning Sanders (1918-1945)

On Memorial Day, I just spent a few minutes scratching together some information on my paternal grandfather, who was the first Fred Sanders in my family line. There are four of us in the series, but all with different middle names. I have a few

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Oneness Pentecostalism Article in Spanish

In 2006 I wrote an analysis of the movement known as Oneness Pentecostalism (sometimes called Apostolic or Jesus-Only), a form of non-Trinitarian teaching about Jesus. I wrote that article, and made it freely available on the web, because I consider Oneness teaching to be a