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Roger Lundin (1949-2015)

I remember him larger than life. He was a big man—tall, solidly built, with a voice that boomed and the occasional flair for the dramatic. To this day, nearly twenty years later, the lasting image I have of Roger Lundin finds him crawling across the

Essay / Theology

Review of Atonement Theories: A Way Through the Maze, by Ben Pugh

Pugh, Ben. Atonement Theories: A Way through the Maze. Eugene: Cascade, 2014. Theology books serve different purposes: some offer cutting edge developments, others popularize such works. Some summarize the state of research, while others offer a critical and prophetic word. Ben Pugh’s Atonement Theories: A

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Olivuccio de Ceccarello’s Works of Mercy (Part 1)

Not much is known about the late fourteenth century painter named Olivuccio di Ceccarello. What is known is that he worked in Ancona, a seaside town on the central eastern coast of Italy, from at least 1388 and was probably born before 1366, dying ca.

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Pastoral Theologians Part 2: A Practical Theology

At the core of the Christian faith is the belief that God did not rest content with using any effective means to save us from our sin, and creation from its ruin. Rather, God made himself the means of our salvation. The same one who

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Behold, One Poor Man Prays

What is this beautiful thing? It’s Augustine’s  commentary on Psalm 102. He composed it in the fifth century, but this is a Carolingian copy that was written out in the twelfth century, owned by Thomas Cranmer in the sixteenth century (behold his signature at the

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How to Teach a Class on the Doctrine of Scripture this January

Here’s the deal. I’ve arranged for a whole lot of experts on the doctrine of Scripture to be in one place at one time this January, presenting papers and having public conversations about it. So if you’re a  theology professor in southern California, you should

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“Uninhibited Theology on the Grand Scale” (Webster on Torrance)

T. F. Torrance was a Fellow of the British Academy, and his fellow-Fellow John Webster recently published a 20-page biographical memoir of him: ‘Thomas Forsyth Torrance, 1913-2007,” in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy 13 (2014), pp. 417-36 (click here for automatic download of

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Warfield’s “The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity” Annotated

B. B. Warfield was commissioned to write the entry on the Trinity for the 1915 International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. The substantive entry (about 15,000 words, running for 20 columns in the ISBE) has been very influential, partly because it was incorporated into a well-regarded reference work,

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Let Truth Sneak In: Tertullian’s Apology

Tertullian’s Apology is a magnificent work from around the year 197. In 50 short chapters, this legally-trained apologist from Roman North Africa lays out the case for the truth of the Christian faith, defends Christians against all sorts of bizarre urban-legendy slanders, and defies the

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9 Papers on the Doctrine of Scripture at LATC 2016

The 4th annual Los Angeles Theology Conference will be held on January 14 and 15, 2016, at Fuller Theological Seminary. Our theme is the doctrine of scripture: “The Voice of God in the Text of Scripture,” to be precise. Our plenary speakers will be William Abraham,

Essay / Art

A Theology of Woodworking: The Creative Joy of Oak

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our furniture family: a mid-sized oak bookcase. And more importantly, of course, I would like to introduce you to the theology behind it. A Bit About the Case The bookcase is built from white