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Thoughts on Milton

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

Today I got to do a concluding class on Milton’s Paradise Lost. While trying to understand the work, we began to discuss Milton’s view of men and women. Milton says that women are inferior to men in intellect and morals. It reminded me of why so many people become feminists. Misogyny breeds feminism. Like all opposites, these two world views are mirror images of each other. Both deny truth in order to assert ideology. Men and women are different, they compliment each other. Feminism either denies this or does not deal with the consequences well. People who loath women often hide behind patriarchy. They fail to recognize that both men and women are created in the image of God. People are equal. They are equal at the most basic level. Of course, all this is obvious. The difficulty is living it.One thing I know. To work with my students is such a pleasure. The class today was an exceptional group. They are well read and eager to learn. How could life get better than working with hard ideas with bright minds?

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