Essay / Theology

Reflections on Easter, 2004

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

Christ has conquered! The voyage to the undiscovered country has been made and one man has returned, Jesus of Nazareth. He is now plainly revealed to be God’s only Son. Trapped in the cave, bound in the chains of our sin, we could not see the light of life. Christ came down from heaven and sat with us. He was free of our original guilt and unchained. He tried to break our shackles, but we mocked Him and allowed the rulers of this world to murder Him. And so evil seemed to triumph, but now unexpected, beyond hope, Jesus has returned! His very blood forever reveals the hollowness of our deception. His passion shows the fraud in our claims of pleasure without Him. Death has been defeated, Satan has no more power. The shadows are blown back in the fierce light of His divine power. The light of Reality is brought from Heaven to us and the flickering images are dispelled. Jesus Christ will break our chains, if we will but speak the Word. Paradise is possible. The curse of Adam is lifted from our backs. Our sins are forgiven and the purpose of humanity has been fulfilled. Even more He makes all things new. . . helping restore the very Earth to right order and relationship with God. Having united God and man in His incarnation, He now destroys the power of sin by His most precious Blood! No work of our own did this thing. We had rejected Him, but Divine Love could not be defeated. He has returned! He is risen! Hope! Jesus of Nazareth is revealed to be the Christ, fully God and fully man. He has come in the flesh, bled, was buried, and now lives forever more. Christ has come, Christ has risen, Christ will come again! The tomb is empty and history has a focal point and an End! Glory!

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