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Bike or Scooter

bike or scooter
Dear Applicant,

We regret to inform you that your request for a patent on the Bike Scooter has been rejected. The review commission’s main objection to the application is the incoherence of the device itself. You did not include a description of how the device works, and the the schematic drawing included is not rendered in such a way that the mechanics of the device are evident. We see that you have given great attention to what appears to be a drive chain linking the pedals (or perhaps a gear located between the pedals) to the drive wheel. However, if this drawing is supposed to be accurate, those pedals are affixed to a cinderblock on which the driver stands or perhaps sits. As for the steering mechanism, it seems wholly inadequate, vanishing as it does into the front of the cinderblock. The ungainly cluster of of dark-colored material at the top of the handlebar assembly is far too large, and is located awkwardly. In this position, it is too high to use for steering (the driver in this illustration seems to be gripping the bar halfway up) and comes to the driver’s chin, thus obstructing his view of the road ahead.

The motion lines which you have drawn indicate that the vehicle is designed to travel at a high rate of speed. We appreciate the fact that he boy is wearing his helmet and apparently enjoying his ride. However, with nothing more to go on than this sketch, it is the universal judgment of this review board that the boy cannot possibly be having a good time because the contraption cannot possibly be moving.

We are willing to examine a re-submission of this patent request, but please provide more ample documentation of the device you envision.

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