Essay / Avant-Garde


Clydesdale Draft Horse
Artist: Freddy Age Six.
Title: Drafthorse/Clidestale
Size: 8 X 10 in (12 X 17 with frame)
Medium: Magnetophoretic display screen (patented materials, commercially available)
Provenance: Southern California
Date: May 2007
Current Location: non-existent

This image was produced and destroyed in the same Spring afternoon. The visual plane is divided into two long horizontal zones, each filled with a horse figure and block lettering. The horses are stretched to fit their panels, with their legs correspondingly shortened. The only difference between the figure labeled DRAFTHOrSE and the figure labeled CLiDESTALE is the characteristic Clydesdale hoof and feather. Reading top to bottom, the artist has arranged the compositional elements in an A-B-B-A pattern: horse, word, line, word, horse. This chiastic arrangement lends balance and unity to the whole composition.

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