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The Common Room, Ep. 1: Protestantism and Monasticism

We are delighted to introduce the first episode of The Common Room, a conversation among the faculty and friends of Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute.

Conversations will include book projects by members of the faculty, introductions to the texts you’ve never read but have always wanted to, and whatever other subjects happen to be of interest.  Our aim is to provide snapshots of important discussions and interactions that are both formative and enjoyable as well.

For the first episode, Greg Peters and Matt Jenson take up the relationship between Protestantism and monasticism, based on Dr. Peters’ new book Reforming the Monastery.

We’ll be posting all the episodes here at Scriptorium Daily, will be sending them out through our bi-weekly update, and of course you can subscribe to Biola’s Youtube feed to get them all as well.

For other episodes of The Common Room, click here.  The Common Room is available on iTunes in both video and audio formats.

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