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Kittens in the Air

Phoebe Age 7 combines word and image in this celebratory ode. That stylized text is:

Kittens in the air
Catnip in there lair
Soreing over beare

And you can see the beare over which they are soreing.

The kittens are supported in their soreing project by a colorful assortment of birds.

What with the catnip and all, it thematically suggests something of the Dionysian romp of Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera. But its visual vocabulary has much more in common with angels in the top register of his Mystic Nativity:

(Apologies for the awkward placement and sizing of these images. We’ve just re-done the interface here at Scriptorium, and this is really my first test post to see if I’ll be able to bring the Avant-Garde feature back in the near future.)

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