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New Book: Kingdom Triangle

J.P. Moreland, 2007.

I am excited to announce the publication of my new book, Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power. This is the book I’ve been waiting all my life to write. For thirty-six years I have tried to be a radical for Jesus and to make a difference. In that journey, I have served with Campus Crusade for ten years, have planted two churches and pastored in two others, spoken on two hundred college campuses and in hundreds of churches in forty states, I have participated in twenty-five debates and taught in three different seminaries. I have been formed by Howard Hendricks and mentored by Dallas Willard, among others.

This book brings together a life of what I hope is fruitful impact on the culture for Christ. It’s my manifesto; it’s my legacy to the church. This is what I would want to say if I had a chance to sit down and talk to the pastors the people in the churches. This expresses whatever wisdom I’ve got and what I’ve seen over these decades of my own learning.

While I am at bottom an advocate of mere Christianity (and thus have very much in common with conservative Catholics and Orthodox believers), I am also convinced that Evangelical Protestantism of a supernatural kind is the best expression of Christianity available. Besides, no one listens to me outside that community! So I offer my community my deepest reflections on the crisis of our age and the way forward. There is a way forward! I have done my very best to explain that in this book.

I want to foment a revolution of Evangelical life, spirituality, thought and Spirit-led power. My purpose is to mobilize, inspire, and instruct an army of men and women for a revolution on behalf of the cause of Christ. If this book contributes to that revolution, I will be thankful, indeed. And make no mistake about it. The crisis of our age requires nothing less than a revolution of those who live in, proclaim, and seek to advance the Kingdom that was not made with hands.

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