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So Hard to Communicate

I dont understand you “Hello,” says the tall stick figure whose top hat is white and black.

“No te entiendo,” responds the short stick figure whose top hat is black and white. His words strike the other stick figure like a sack of doorknobs, knocking him off balance. The words are jumbled and disorienting.

It’s so hard to communicate with each other. But we’re both smiling in a way that’s charming and disarming, so let’s keep trying. After all, we may be different kinds of stick figures, and our arms may be connected to our bodies at very different points, but nevertheless we are both stick figures sharing the same sheet of paper. You have feet and fingers, but I have a neck. Our top hats may have opposite decorations, but don’t you think it’s worth reflecting on the fact that we’re in a special little club of stick figures who wear black and white striped top hats? I mean, how many people like that could there be in the world? Or on this sheet of paper?

What’s a little language trouble compared to that?

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