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Theology of the Pastoral Epistles (Lecture)

sanders pastorals screencap hear me lecture bla blaHere is video of a lecture I gave last semester on the theology of the pastoral epistles. The time I spent studying Titus and 1 & 2 Timothy last year at Los Angeles Bible Training School was very productive theologically. It seems like there have always been plenty of reasons to neglect and marginalize these letters, and I learned a lot from doing the work of setting them right in the center of Pauline thought –or perhaps at the summit of Pauline thought, since they ought to be read as “the later Paul.”

I don’t have plans to write anything on the pastorals in particular, though I did blog a few things on the subject during the semester (a list of favorite commentaries, a reflection on Ceslaus Spicq’s work, and three big questions I’m left with). But I’m not done studying them, either, and I feel like I’ve taken them on board for my future theological work and filled in a gap that shouldn’t have been there so long.

Here is a link to the Prezi I used, and here, courtesy of OpenBiola, is the lecture:


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