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Thomas Traherne: Educating the Whole Soul

Thomas Traherne was born in England in 1637, educated at Oxford and ordained an Anglican priest. During his short life he served as a parish priest and as a private chaplain. He died in 1674 at only 37 years old. During his lifetime he published

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From Information to Wisdom

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, education is a college student’s job. You don’t get a salary, you don’t get health or retirement benefits or paid vacation, but it is still your job, and a peculiar one at that. You do not make things or sell

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You should assume as a matter of course that at least once in your college career you will behold the blue screen of death or that your laptop will be either stolen or dropped down the fire escape or forgotten in Starbucks and that it

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Reading Habits at the Gospel Coalition

This week John Starke at The Gospel Coalition Blog ran a series of brief interviews about reading habits. They asked Carl Trueman, Bradley Green, and me to say a few words about what we read, how we pick books, what we’re reading, and so on.

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Augustine's Confessions for Middle Schoolers

Shaun Williams runs Williams Great Books Tutorials here in southern California. That means she leads young people through classic texts, the kind of books that have instructed, challenged, and baffled generations of the greatest adult minds in history. And somehow, it works! These are books

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A Letter to My Freshmen

To My Freshmen: Okay, so that may be premature. We’ve only just met, after all. Five months ago you were a sea of undifferentiated faces only loosely attached to names (but great names—names like Bustos and Magness, Tonti and Duarte, Mendelson, Zilka, and Van Vlear).

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Staying at Big Hotels: C.S. Lewis vs. The Great Books

Once upon a time, somebody asked C. S. Lewis to choose a list of the best books ever written, and he declined. He said he wasn’t qualified. He also said it was a bad idea to make a list of greatest books. And finally, he

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We'll "Figure Out" the Trinity, Get It?

This January I’ll be teaching an intensive class on the Trinity as part of Biola’s innovative IRIS program. It’ll be a three-week class that I’ll be co-teaching with nine other Biola profs, intentionally stirring together as many academic disciplines as we can fit into one

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Read for Craft, Stay Happy, Try to Help: Tips on Writing

Andrew Faris over at Someone Tell Me The Story recently posted a short interview he did with me on the subject of writing. Along the way I ranted about the current state of theological writing, recommended a few resources, and said ridiculous things like “ignore

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What Makes for a Great Book?

Biola‘s Torrey Honors Institute is a great books program. Our students get their general education by reading and discussing the hundred or so greatest hits of western civ, and everybody who works here teaches that whole curriculum. But the phrase “great books” doesn’t always instantly

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Frederick Douglass Learns to Read

I’ve just finished reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Our seniors read it in the Torrey Honors Institute as part of a semester of books on America. Douglass’ is one of hundreds of slave narratives, narratives which played a

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Examination Questions for the Teachers

As the school year rolls back around, here are some timely words from John Wesley on the high office of teaching, framed as questions for teachers to answer about their own intentions and actions. Ye venerable men, who are more especially called to form the