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Cramming for the French Test

Back in 1995, I found myself in a situation that is common for graduate students: needing to demonstrate basic reading knowledge of a modern language in case I should need it in my future research. The kind of knowledge required isn’t exactly what you’d call learning the language, certainly not with any fluency. But it does equip a young scholar with the ability to read footnotes, book titles, and, at a pinch, articles and books in a specific field. With the annual exam date approaching, I dedicated the whole month to learning enough French to pass the test by translating a page of theology. To make things a little more fun, I decided to draw one square cartoon panel for each day I studied, up to the looming deadline. I think anybody who’s ever crammed for a big test will recognize some of the ups and downs of the process in this little comic, which I recently found in my files and realized I had never published. So here it is: 26 Days ‘to the French Test.

frenchtest banner

frenchtest 01 02

frenchtest 03 04

frenchtest 05 06

frenchtest 07 08

frenchtest 09 10 1

frenchtest 11 12

frenchtest 13 14

frenchtest 15 16

frenchtest 17 18

frenchtest 19 20

frenchtest 21 22

frenchtest 23 24

frenchtest 25 26

frenchtest 27 28

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