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Jet Turtle

Jet Turtle Cleverly concealed within the hard structure of the turtle’s shell, dual miniature turbofan jet engines roar to life, sure to give him a competitive advantage when that cocky rabbit comes boasting of his superior landspeed. Pictured here with a satisfied smile at the moment of blast-off, the turtle flattens himelf out aerodynamically by tucking his head down and reaching out his legs fore and aft. His forelegs are poised in readiness for the moment when he’ll need to provide a tiny nudge of vertical thrust to keep himself on course. That will be about three-quarters of a mile down the trail, of course, but this turtle is all about planning ahead. Red and yellow flame swirls in long looping lines with a bit of black smoke in the blast behind him.

Further behind him, a small red scribble with little loops coming off it.
The rabbit.

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