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Online Course for The Triune God

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If you’d like to take a class with me on the doctrine of the Trinity, you don’t have many options. I teach in a small program for undergrads only, and they get most of my teaching time. So my classroom presence is pretty limited to Torrey Honors students.

[record scratch noise] UNTIL NOW!

Zondervan has just released my online course on the Trinity. This is a course that accompanies my 2016 book The Triune God, following its argument and explaining its theological moves. We filmed several hours of lectures, some of which you can buy separately on DVD or download as a stand-alone video study.

But what the academic professionals at Zondervan have done now is kitted out the lectures into an entire course: it’s got a study guide, review sessions, quizzes, exams, and a grading system built in. I didn’t prepare all of these study and course materials personally, but I did take the course (which I passed, how dare you ask) and can testify that they’re very good guides to the material.

Click through for details about how the online courses work, and to see a preview video about my course on the Triune God.

Oh, and the course is discounted until Sept 15, 2017: 25% off. So if you’re considering it, consider getting the discount by that time.


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