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Here is a simple problem for feminism: no feminist society can reproduce itself. Let me assume that a group that cannot reproduce has a death wish and is not following a good strategy. Feminism takes precious women and keeps them from becoming mothers. We can always get more trial lawyers, but we cannot make more mothers if women become trial lawyers.Of course, men also need to return to the home. Sadly, most important functions have left the home and church, by moving into big “business” and government. Both well educated men and women need to remember that raising children does not have to include “house work.” This part of “being home” can be hired out. The key is to center economic activity in the joint venture of home making and take home from a place to spend a few hours into the real cultural center of married life again. Find a way for both man and woman to work together at home. These ideas need not send us all to Idaho to farm or Alabama to plant cotton in the age of technology. Many jobs can be done in carefully managed home, including a new type of law practice for mother. This new mercantilism can make the normal family, Mom and Dad with kids working at home together, normal again. At that point, large families can become an asset and not horrid cost. “Marge, we just cannot afford anymore kids. Think of college!” to “Marge, thank goodeness, Susan thought of a way to do our billing. Our fourth child is such a help.”

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